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Suppose we have the following code:

context c;
solver s(c);
expr x=c.bool_const("a");
expr y=c.bool_const("a");
expr z=c.bool_const("b");

The executing result of above code is 'unsat sat'; The result shows that z3 regards x and y as the same variable. Does z3 distinguish variables by their names? And if I use the same variable in different places, can I write the code as following:

context c;

function test1(){
function test2(){

Dose the function 'test1' and 'test2" manipulate the same variable?

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You seem to confuse the programming variables x and y that exist in the host language C++ with logical variables a and b that Z3 reasons about. x and y both represent the logical variable a, and by adding x && !y to the constraints you give Z3 the fact a && !a, which makes your constraints unsatisfiable.

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