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I am using ~/.ssh/config file to set my ssh options.

I want to specify different settings for scp and ssh to the same host. Is it possible to do it?

I went through the documentation, but couldn't a way to do it.

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I'd make a second config file, ~/.ssh/scp_config, and then use a shell alias for scp with the -F option to specify the config file:

alias scp="scp -F ~/.ssh/scp_config`

(This is an untested zsh alias; I don't know how different Bash alias' are, but the idea should be similar. Note also that this may still require you to use scp -F <file> in scripts).

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This is an innovative way to solve the problem. Will select this answer if no one comes up with a better answer. – Sudar Jun 23 '13 at 11:03

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