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I am creating an API using nodejs and express. I need to provide local username/password authentication. I may need to provide additional authentication in the future so I am using passportjs as it seems the most flexible/plug-able.

The API will be used by a web application as well as a mobile application. Instead of having to pass the username/password with every single api request I was thinking I could let the user login and provide the client with a token. The client can store the token and provide that on each api request.

I have looked at using JWT tokens ie, However I am not really sure how to create a secure token with JWT. I have read that using the username in a token is a bad idea. Has anyone use JWT in node to create tokens. Got an example?

Any other modules for node that I can take a look at for token generation.

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node-uuid is the module you are looking for. I use it to authenticate the users and any task that requires a random and unique identifier. Encoding the credentials in the token is generally a bad idea.

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It was already built into nodes crypto pacakge.

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