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I want to redirect my users after they create a piece of new content, instead of directing them to the 'view' page for the content.

I have seen mention of using hook_alter or something, but I'm really new to drupal and not even sure what that means?


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As you mention that you are new to Drupal, I'd suggest to take a look at the Rules module. You can add a trigger on for content has been saved/updated and add an action, to redirect the user to a specific page.

You can however do the same in a light weight custom module using a form_alter hook.

First, find the form ID of the form. For node forms, it's the [node-type]_node_form. Then, you can add a new submit function to be executed when the form is submitted. In this submit handler, set the redirect path.

See this guide on a basic how-to on creating a module. Your module code would be something like belows:

function mymodule_mytype_node_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state) {
  $form['#submit'][] = 'mymodule_node_submit_do_redirect';

function mymodule_node_submit_do_redirect($form, &$form_state) {
  $form_state['redirect'] = 'my_custom_destination';

A much much simpler approach is to set the destination in the node form's URL. For example, if you opened http://example.com/node/add/mytype?destination=my_custom_destination, you will be redirected to that URL instead of the node view page.

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Thanks for the quick response! Very helpful =) –  UpsetPopcorn Jun 21 '13 at 13:47
Somehow it doesn't work for me :( . Every function is reached but redirection doesn't happen. –  Łukasz Zaroda Feb 10 at 16:07

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