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When modifying a node-http-proxy example...

The Issue: When manually changing the req.headers.host to a remote host ('example.com'), the url in the the browser is not changing.

Note: I thought this was working, however when using google.com as my example, it turned out google was detecting the proxy and changing the host.

Question: Is there a way to change the url in the browser to a remote host (ie. example.com), everytime? Thanks!

var util = require('util'),
    colors = require('colors'),
    http = require('http'),
    httpProxy = require('../../lib/node-http-proxy');

// Http Server with proxyRequest Handler and Latency
var proxy = new httpProxy.RoutingProxy();
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  req.headers.host = 'example.com'; // manually setting example.com
  var buffer = httpProxy.buffer(req);
  setTimeout(function () {
    proxy.proxyRequest(req, res, {
      port: 80,
      host: 'example.com',
      buffer: buffer
  }, 200);

util.puts('http server '.blue + 'started '.green.bold + 'on port '.blue + '8004 '.yellow + 'with proxyRequest handler'.cyan.underline + ' and latency'.magenta);
util.puts('http server '.blue + 'started '.green.bold + 'on port '.blue + '9000 '.yellow);
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A few solutions that will do this are:

  • Issue a 301 redirect.
  • Use IPTables to DNAT and change the desination address.
  • Use TPROXY to transparently proxy the requests without modifying the packets.
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