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I want to make a CAB file on a WinCE 5/6 device. The idea is that someone would run a backup script that creates the CAB file, which can then be loaded back onto the device at any point restoring settings to a previously known point.

The settings are xml and custom files in various folders on the device, I am not talking specifically about registry settings.

If this cannot be done is there (commercially) free ZIP file creation software that could be used?

Thankyou in advance Chris

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Thank you for removing the tag. :) – Shaihi Jun 16 '10 at 9:06

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DotNetZip is a free zip library that will let you do this.

See also:
zip and unzip files and folders on Mobile Device

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Is doing this from the desktop side any good? You can use this registry tool using ActiveSync. The tool has a nice feature of Reg->CAB. Once you want to restore settings, you can clean the registry using OALIoCtlHalGetHiveCleanFlag and then run the CAB to restore the settings.

I know this does not include the requirement:

run a backup script

But it is a quick solution that might give you an idea.

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Unfortunately not, the device runs stand alone and we want to be able to pull off some sort of backup archive via HTTP. A IIS plugin would generate the cab using code / application to send via HTTP. – Chris Nov 12 '09 at 15:53
Thanks by the way – Chris Nov 12 '09 at 16:14

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