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how to read file from cassandra and write file to cassandra?

From the link above, I got the way to read and write file with Cassandra, but I don't know the structure of the table.

The code below is the way to insert file into Cassandra. I guess that filename and file are two columns (is it "filename" the primary key?). What is the type for file when we write CREATE TABLE (...,...,...) .Is "blob" ok?

 ByteBuffer fileByteBuffer = ByteBuffer.wrap( readFileToByteArray( filename ) );
 Statement insertFile = QueryBuilder.insertInto( "files" ).value( "filename", filename ).value( "file", fileByteBuffer );
    session.execute( insertFile );

I create the columnfamily :

            "CREATE TABLE " + columnfamily + " ("
            + PK+ " varchar PRIMARY KEY," 
            + " password varchar ,"
            + " file blob"
            + ");";

I do the query:

 Statement insertFile = QueryBuilder.insertInto(keyspace + "."+columnfamily)
 .value(PK, "LDCR.lua").value("file", fileByteBuffer).value("password", "654321");

but it says:

com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions.InvalidQueryException: unconfigured columnfamily

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Can you paste your actual CQL statement and not the java code? The error is telling you that the CF doesn't exist. Also if I'm interpreting your create table statement correctly your PK is a value rather than a column name. –  Lyuben Todorov Jun 21 '13 at 8:33
I have solve this problem insertInto(keyspace , columnfamily). but I find that the bytes taken from Cassandra have extra header?? –  guotong1988 Jun 22 '13 at 3:01

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