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I have one database at parse.com

Where I have one class called UserDetail

In that class I have one array Field called occupationid

For this column i have another class Called Occupation where columns are like occupationid, occupationname

Now I want to fetch all data from UserDetail as well as all data from occupation class according to the occupationid stored in UserDetail


Username - occupationid - Detail

Jhon - ["1","3","4"] - ajfdkaldjlajsdkfjaldkf


occupationid - occupation

1 - accountant

2 - lawyer

3 - painter

4 - writer

like wise.

I have gone through the document and about PFRelation i read but didn't get how to apply that in my case to fetch this kind of data.

Also i have tried with

    PFQuery *getuserdetail = [PFQuery queryWithClassName:@"UserDetail"];

    [getuserdetail orderByAscending:@"celebid"];

    PFQuery *getoccupation = [PFQuery queryWithClassName:@"Occupation"];
    [getoccupation whereKey:@"occupationid" matchesKey:@"occupationid" inQuery:getuserdetail];

Any suggestions? I have to do the same for other 2,3 columns. Any help will be appreciated.


Data is adding at the parse.com DataBrowser directly and not from the code.

I created one column with type Relation in UserDetail class Which ask me to add occupationid and occupation

When i added that i face two problems

1> When I try to add the same occupationid for different user it is creating two rows for the same occupationid. It means for two user having same occupation it is creating two rows in occupationtable eg. objectid - occupationid - occupation adfk12 - 1 - School teacher jdlkfg56 - 1 - School teacher

2> When I tried to fetch from the code it is giving me errors

PFQuery *getuserdetail = [PFQuery queryWithClassName:@"UserDetail"];        
[getuserdetail orderByAscending:@"celebid"];
[getuserdetail includeKey:@"occupation"];
[getuserdetail whereKey:@"userid" equalTo:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d",intuserID]];

occupationid = "(<00000000>.(null) -> Occupation)";

where Occupation is the class name occupation is the column name. I tried with editing column name occupation with occupationname if it is getting ambiguity. But that also not working.

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as ixt explains ... IN a word, if you have table "posts" and one of the columns "author" is a POINTER to another table "users": simply includeKey("author"), and that will bring down THE WHOLE AUTHOR OBJECT for each line of the result. then, with that object you have everything (!) in the users table for that author. simply then use objectForKey as usual, on that object from "author" column. –  Joe Blow Dec 7 '13 at 18:40

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I think you're getting a bit unstuck because you're thinking of Parse in terms of a 'normal' SQL-like database. I say this because from what you've written, it looks as if your occupationid field is redundant (because Parse automatically assigns all objects a unique ID). You can use PFRelation to associate an occupation with a user, like so:

[someUser setObject:someOccupation forKey:@"occupation"]

This will set a pointer on someUser, under the key occupation.

However, as you might have found out (and maybe why you're not sure how to apply PFRelation properly) is that by default Parse doesn't fetch related objects when querying. You need to explicitly tell Parse to do this.

To do this, you use the includeKey: method. So, to query for a user and get their occupation at the same time (assuming you've set the occupation as a PFRelation), you can do this:

PFQuery *query = [PFQuery queryWithClassName:@"UserDetail"];
[query includeKey:@"occupation"];
[query findObjectsInBackground... etc 

My best advice would be to try not to think of Parse like MySQL or similar, since it works in a rather different way. I find Parse's documentation to be really useful and clear, so perhaps it might be worth looking there also.

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I am not adding data from the code so that i add PFRelation from code.I have to make a column with PFRelation at DataBrowser at parse.com which shows me option as "View Relations". In that case how do i add " ["1","3","4"] " kind of data in my Occupationid column? –  Roshni Jun 24 '13 at 6:09
Till now I have Occupationid column as array type in UserDetail class.Which i want to join with the Occupation class' Occupationid column to find the related occupations for that user –  Roshni Jun 24 '13 at 6:12
You can have an array of PFRelations - you just create a key with an array type, and then populate it with PFRelation objects. Again, try not to think of Parse as a database, but as an ORM. –  lxt Jun 24 '13 at 9:36
Hi @lxt can you explain how to add an object to the pointer type in parse table.I am having the functionality of posting a image users can able to like the particular post.So while getting the list of posts has been created i need no of likes at a time.so Please help me how to Design a Table.@lxt –  Romance Feb 8 at 8:38

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