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how to get x and y coordinates of sprit2 when sprite1 collides with it i use collision update handler. my requirement is when sprite 1 collide with sprite2 it attach with sprite2 on that point where it collides? Thanks.

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Please provide some more details at present doesn't able to understand your requirement. –  Siddharth Jun 21 '13 at 17:24

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try using the Box2D extension for andengine. you basically attach physics bodies to sprites. then you use a contact listener to take care of collision events. here is how you would get the contact points of the collision in the listener...

protected ContactListener createContactListener() {
    return new ContactListener() {
        public void beginContact(Contact contact) {
            Vector2[] contactPoints = contact.getWorldManifold().getPoints();
             for(int i = 0; i < contactPoints.length; i++) {
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could you please elaborate on How to get the contact points. I am not getting contact points with the code you gave. –  sandeep May 7 at 7:38

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