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I have a angular controller which needs to reset whenever the user clicks outside the scope of the controller. How do I do this?

Sample html:

<div id='parent'>
    <div id='1' ng-controller="ctrl1">
        <!--other things-->

    <div id='2' ng-controller="ctrl2">
        <!--other things-->
<div id="parent2">
        <!--other things-->

I want to be able to reset ctrl2 if a click occurs outside of ctr2 when the click occurs outside of div2

ctr2 has a reset function defined inside

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If you are wanting a reset when the click happens within a sibling div, then the fact that the controllers share $scope should make that fairly straightforward. If you want to reset the div when a click happens anywhere else on the page, then you should set the "resetting" div as a directive, binding the $window object to a click handler:

app.directive('reset', function($window){
  return {
    template: '<div ng-class="{red: directiveToggler}">I\'m in 2' +
              ' - click me to turn red, click anywhere else to turn me normal'+
  controller: function($scope){
    $scope.directiveToggler = true;
  link: function(scope, element){

    var w = angular.element($window);
    w.bind('click', function(e){

      if (e.target != element[0].children[0]){
        scope.directiveToggler = false;

      } else {
        scope.directiveToggler = true;

Note that there are probably waaay better ways of handling the class/style changes than what I have set up, but the question was about click events ;).

Here's a plunk to demo

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I combined your answer with stackoverflow.com/a/17338860/130641 for a multi-element directive solution. Thanks. – John Ledbetter Dec 4 '13 at 17:14

You can use the $rootScope to broadcast events to other controllers. See this JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/simpulton/XqDxG/

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So there is no way to do it from within the controller? I was thinking of using $window service. – CivFiveAddict Jun 21 '13 at 6:09
$window is just encapsulating the browser's window object. – Moritz Petersen Jun 21 '13 at 6:24

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