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i have a table "XYZ" which has got integer, varchar and xml datatype columns,

i have another table "ABC" which has the same structure as "XYZ" in different schema, i'm trying to load the data from "XYZ" to "ABC" , but i'm not able to the XML type , its giving error "inconsistent data type".

ORA-30656: column type not supported on external organized table

Could anyone help me on this.

thank you,

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When you say tables ABC and XYZ 'have the same structure', exactly what do you mean? Can you edit your post to include the output of desc yourschema.XYZ and desc yourotherschema.ABC in SQL*Plus? If you're getting an error 'Inconsistent data types', then the datatypes of the columns are almost certainly different. It's also not clear to me why you are getting an error about external tables - would it be possible to edit your post to include the DDL used to create tables XYZ and ABC too? – Luke Woodward Jun 21 '13 at 8:36
Is XML column schema-based? – ThinkJet Jun 21 '13 at 13:13

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