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I would like to rename a bunch of files containing a pattern that could be repeated inside the filename. The Pattern to remove it everything from the start the the first "dot + space". ex: "wxxdv xcvxcv. sdfsdf. sd.txt" to become "sdfsdf. sd.txt" (removing the first occurrence of "wxxdv xcvxcv. " that is terminated by "dot + space" = ". ") ex: "rond M., Bilou. arrival 1901.txt" should become "arrival 1901.txt" (remove "rond M., Bilou. ")

I found that the following command that shouln't be too far from my goal (but doesn't work):

dir *.txt | mi -dest {($_.Basename -replace '^[A-z]+\.\s','').Trim() + $_.Extension}

Bonus question, is there any way of seeing the result without executing the renaming (a sort of preview of the result)

Thanks, it's my first attempt to use powershell

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$t="rond M., Bilou. arrival 1901.txt"
$formatedText=$t.Substring(([regex]::split($t, '\.\s')[0]).Length+2)
write-host $formatedText

arrival 1901.txt
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Thanks for your answer Kayasax, but I cannot pipe your command to process all the files... Is this something like this: dir *.pdf | mi -dest {($_.Basename.Substring(([regex]::split($t, '\.\s')[0]).Length+2)) + $_.Extension} – Bro Jul 2 '13 at 14:34
i would say ` mi -dest {($_.Basename.Substring(([regex]::split($_.basename, '\.\s')[0]).Length+2)) + $_.Extension` – Kayasax Jul 2 '13 at 15:39
that's it thanks :) – Bro Jul 3 '13 at 3:49

The answer to my Bonus question

is there any way of seeing the result without executing the renaming

is to use the "-WhatIf" switch of the Move-Item command (mi), so the command would be:

dir *.pdf | mi -WhatIf -dest {($_.Basename.Substring(([regex]::split($_.basename, '\.\s')[0]).Length+2)) + $_.Extension}
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