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In my disturbed java application I use Apache Camel and Active MQ for comminication between nodes. I want to store same data about queues in Active MQ. I want to make a statictics and automatically detect is a queue is not getting overload. I could not find any tools that Apache Camel and Active MQ provide to do such things. Do you know any? Or Maybe I just missed something in documentation.

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In ActiveMQ you have a choice of a number of mechanisms:

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good to know about it, thanks :) – Gergely Kovács Jun 21 '13 at 12:21

There is also hawtio which is a HTML5 based web console for managing java stuff and has plugins for both Camel and ActiveMQ:

In the ActiveMQ 5.9 release the old web-console will be replaced with hawtio. And over time additionally functionally for ActiveMQ is being added to the ActiveMQ plugin.

Also if you use a Karaf based system, then there is karaf commands for ActiveMQ, which you can use to get queue stats etc.

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