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Each of my 3 Extjs gridpanels do not expand horizontally within a tabPanel.

The each grid's properties:

  id: grid_id,
  ds: ds,
  cm: cm,
  loadMask:      true,
  view:          grouping_view,
  plugins:       [expander, filters],
  stateId:       which + '-grid-stateId',
  stateful:      true,
  stateEvents:   ['datachanged', 'columnresize', 'columnmove', 'sortchange', 'columnvisible', 'columnsort', 'hide', 'show', 'expand', 'collapse'],
  selModel:      checkbox,
  // height:        400,
  width:         GRID_WIDTH,
  defaults:      {autoHeight: true},
  autoHeight:    true,
  collapsible:   false,
  animCollapse:  false,
  layout:        'fit',

TabPanel's properties:

  id:         'tab_panel',
  renderTo:   'tabs',
  activeTab:  0,
  enableTabScroll:  true,
  defaults:   {autoScroll:true, authHeight:true},
  plugins:    new Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu(),
  width:      GRID_WIDTH + 2,
  autoHeight: true,
  items: [       // put items in tabpanel like this. adding via method call forces them to render/load befire user clicks on them
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Layout is not a valid property for a GridPanel.

Try using:

viewConfig: { forceFit: true }


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+1 thanks, worked like a charm in ExtJs 3.1 – Alex Nolasco Feb 2 '10 at 22:28
+1 thanks. fixed my problem too :-) – Flukey May 11 '10 at 11:38

I was searching the forums for a way to make my grid resize automatically but could not find the solution, nothing worked... and then I read the Ext Js GridPanel documentation: "

A grid requires a width in which to scroll its columns, and a height in which to scroll its rows. These dimensions can either be set explicitly through the height and width configuration options or implicitly set by using the grid as a child item of a Container which will have a layout manager provide the sizing of its child items (for example the Container of the Grid may specify layout:'fit')."

..so I just set not the grid's layout, but the layout of the grids's PARENT to whatever value I want (in my case the parent container holds other things than only the grid, so I set layout : 'anchor', and then by setting the the anchor : '100% 100%' I make the grid expand as much as it can be).

and now I HAVE IT WORKING :D yayyyy!

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It's the layout of the container that you have to set, ie:

var tp = new Ext.TabPanel({
    items: [{
        title: 'First tab',
        layout: 'fit',
        items: new Ext.GridPanel({ title: "Grid panel" })
        title: 'Second tab'

Fit layouts mean that there is only one item in the container and it should expand to take all available space. Remove all explicit references to width, autoWidth, etc.

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