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I have one visual c++ solution(project) that is written on visual studio 2010.

I want to import that project to Eclipse (JUNO) as c++ project and see the execution.

Can somebody tell me step by step what is the possible solution for this?

I have seen example from IBM Help but that was not helpful. Somebody please explain with a hello world project.

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I have several projects that I build sometmes with Visual Studio and sometimes with Eclipse CDT but I need to maintain build files for both products separately. I don't know of any importer that creates CDT build files from VS project files. You would have to set up CDT settings manually. What information do you need exactly? –  user2543253 Sep 9 at 9:13
OMG. I didn't look at the date of this question. I guess you have what you need in the meantime - or you don't need it anymore. Sorry. –  user2543253 Sep 9 at 10:11

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