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I'd like the X and Y axes of my Excel charts to have the same scale on the screen, because I'm plotting geographical data. A 1km by 1km square should look like a square, not like a rectangle, i.e. no squishing of the map in one or the other direction. In Matlab, the command that would do this is axis equal.

How do I do this using VBA? (I've never manipulated charts using VBA.)

Am I overlooking an even simpler solution directly in Excel?

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StewBob's approach is refined in the code posted on this page: Make Gridlines Square

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In addition to guitarthrower's answer you will need to do the following: Select the 'Plot Area' of the chart and then manually set the height and width of the plot area.

  Selection.Height = 500
  Selection.Width = 500

Just setting the axis min and max values will still allow the chart to be 'squished'.

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Another method similar to Stewbob's is to set the limits to some ratio of each other (my plots are 4 times as wide as they are tall) and then use the height to set the width.

Selection.Width = Selection.Height * 4
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right-click on each axis and change the max and min values to make them equal the other axis. You will need to do this for each axis.

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This doesn't solve my problem at all. –  Jean-François Corbett Nov 13 '09 at 10:32
Also, I don't want to right-click and manually fiddle around in "Chart options" for all my graphs, and start all over every time some new data is added to a chart! –  Jean-François Corbett Nov 13 '09 at 10:35

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