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What does this part of Apple core data documentation means?

User Info Dictionaries

Many of the elements in a managed object model—entities, attributes, and relationships—have an associated user info dictionary. You can put whatever information you want into a user info dictionary, as key-value pairs. Common information to put into the user info dictionary includes version details for an entity, and values used by the predicate for a fetched property.

I understand that by default entities have that dictionary, but I'm not able to find find userInfo on coredata entities or attributes.

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Get the NSEntityDescription from your NSManagedObject (through the entity property) or from your NSManagedObjectModel and get the NSAttributeDescription through attributesByName. This gives you a dictionary where you get the proper Description by name which has the userInfo as a property as well.

NSManagedObject *managedObject;
NSEntityDescription *entityDescription = managedObject.entity;
NSAttributeDescription *attributeDescription = entityDescription.attributesByName[@"someAttribute"];
NSString *foo = attributeDescription.userInfo[@"foo"];
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So that means userInfos are available at the level of "classes" (i.e. entities and their constituents), not "instances" (i.e. NSManagedObjects), right? – Drux Mar 6 at 9:43
Yes, it's totally for meta information... – Karl Mar 16 at 8:02

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