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I use "$ipython notebook --pylab inline" to start the ipython notebook. The display matplotlib figure size is too big for me, and I have to adjust it manually. How to set the default size for the figure displayed in cell?

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I believe the following work in version 0.11 and above. To check the version:

$ ipython --version

It may be worth adding this information to your question.


You need to find the file ipython_notebook_config.py. Depending on your installation process this should be in somewhere like


where .config is in your home directory.

Once you have located this file find the following lines

# Subset of matplotlib rcParams that should be different for the inline backend.
# c.InlineBackend.rc = {'font.size': 10, 'figure.figsize': (6.0, 4.0), 'figure.facecolor': 'white', 'savefig.dpi': 72, 'figure.subplot.bottom': 0.125, 'figure.edgecolor': 'white'}

Uncomment this line c.InlineBack... and define your default figsize in the second dictionary entry.

Note that this could be done in a python script (and hence interactively in IPython) using

pylab.rcParams['figure.figsize'] = (10.0, 8.0)
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Thanks for the tips. –  bigbug Jun 21 '13 at 9:17
In ipython 2.0 the config file is in .ipython/profile_default/ipython_notebook_config.py –  Fabian Pedregosa Apr 5 at 6:18

If you don't have this ipython_notebook_config.py file, you can create one by following the readme and typing

ipython profile create
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