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I know that Blitz++ gets its performance plus by extensive usage of expression templates and template metaprogramms. But at some point you can't get more out of your code by using these techniques - you have to multiply and sum some floats up. At this point you can get a final performance kick by using the highly optimized (especially for special architectures) BLAS routines. Does the current implementation of Blitz++ use BLAS routines whenever it is possible?

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Only for benchmarks you must specify it when you configure blitz++:

./configure -with-blas=...

Blitz does not use Blas routines.

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do you have any citing sources for this? –  phlipsy Nov 12 '09 at 16:48
Alas! This sole appearance of BLAS on the entire Blitz++ homepage recommends your claim... –  phlipsy Nov 13 '09 at 8:35

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