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I have troubles using UIImagePicker to take pictures based on the "Taking Pictures with the Camera" chapter from the iPhone programming guide.

Whatever i try all i get is a grey/white screen.

here is my code :

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

    UIImagePickerController *imagePicker = [[UIImagePickerController alloc] init];
    imagePicker.delegate = self;
    imagePicker.sourceType = UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera;
    imagePicker.allowsEditing = NO;
    [self presentModalViewController:imagePicker animated:YES];

I've tried to call the imagePicker from the viewDidLoad, viewWillAppear or awakeFromNib, nothing changes.

My viewController implements UINavigationControllerDelegate and UIImagePickerControllerDelegate.

I'm running this on OS3.1 on a first gen iPhone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks, Vincent.

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have you tried calling it from viewDidAppear? –  David Maymudes Nov 13 '09 at 3:40
Thank you so much !!! that's the solution !! I cant believe it's not written in the official doc... Thanks again. –  user142764 Nov 13 '09 at 9:40

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I would placing that call in viewDidAppear as oposed to viewDidLoad.

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Thanks. Works for me. –  Stephen Eilert May 22 '12 at 1:53

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