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Finally trying to deploy to an iPad but get

[DCC Fatal Error] Macapi.ObjectiveC.pas(2350): F2051 Unit iOSapi.Foundation was compiled with a different version of Macapi.ObjectiveC.TOCGenericImport`2.GetOCClass

I renamed all the copies of iOSapi.Foundation.dcu and added the .pas path to force a recompile but now get

[DCC Fatal Error] Project3.dpr(14): F1026 File not found: 'C:\Users\Martin_HP\Documents\RAD Studio\Projects\iPad\iOSapi.Foundation.dcu' (unit scope "iOSapi" indicates iOSDevice, iOSSimulator only)

Installed XE4 Update1 so up to date.

It would be nice to just get it working, but if not, is there any way I can recompile so that all is in sync?


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I'd try to get it to compile without recompiling RTL/FMX first. Any chance there's a copy of Macapi.ObjectiveC.pas in your source path somewhere?

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I renamed the .pas but still the same error. –  Martin Moore Jun 24 '13 at 10:46
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