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I'm using Oracles Service Bus (OSB) and I'm trying to use an XSD in my WSDL that has the following schemaLocation in its XSD import:


My problem is that OSB is not able to resolve this dependency and gives me error :

"The dependency mapping is not configured in WSDL resource".

I'm able to do a work around by importing the XSD into the OSB project and use a relative path to the resource (schemaLocation="../myXSDs/br-2.xsd"), but I don't want relative paths, especially when I shouldn't need one.

So how can I use an URL directly as an XSD resource in OSB? and if not, why? Security reasons??

my software stack is as follows:

OSB (version

OEPE ( (inc. Weblogic Server

Friendly regards from a service oriented developer :-)

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It sounds like you have to upload the xsd, external references are not allowed. Check out the following link: forums.oracle.com/thread/2423314 –  Display Name is missing Jun 21 '13 at 17:24

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