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i have a site without heavy content in main page but load to slow. hn-emdad.ir in the main page i have the following modules: a maximenu a DJ image slider two ZF simple marquee sp news highlit and a 184KB swf header that's all. the template made by artisteer and the joomla version is 25.11 please help me to improve the speed

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This is not really the site where to ask this type of questions. There are several tools to know which part of the site is causing it to load slowly, such as WebPageTest. However, i think it's just your connection, for me it loads in under 2secs – BackSlash Jun 21 '13 at 10:19
Try to minify CSS, JS, join CSS into one file and JS into one file. Try to get rid of swf- try to replace it with jquery/javascript I have pretty good connection, it takes me about 7 seconds to full load. – Andrey Konstantinov Jun 21 '13 at 13:35

i test this in chrome's "inspect element" feature when i have a slow loading page. Open "inspect element" go to the "network" tab and refresh the page. It will show you a time(latency) as each element loads, and you can narrow down where your bottleneck is.

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