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Is there anything like JADEX or JADE in C# or C++? I am doing a project on agents and so far I can't find anything like JADEX for building BDI agents in C#. Anything in C# that I have found is for doing Agent simulations rather than building agents.

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I understand that it's possible to compile JADE-LEAP on the .Net platform, although I've never done so myself.

Unfortunately, the documentation available online isn't particularly comprehensive. This thread from 2008 is probably the best place to start. There's also a five-year-old article about compiling JADE on .NET, and a question from 2008 about compiling JADE-LEAP in C#.

Finally, I suspect that whilst work has been done to make JADE-LEAP compatible with .Net, I don't think that the same is true for JADEX. You'd probably have to port that yourself, or just write your own BDI Agents with JADE-LEAP but without the JADEX extension.

Perhaps it's best to have a go, then post any further queries on the JADE mailing list?

Good luck!

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