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Following to this nvd3-js-rendering-solution-for-internet-explorer

any examples on how to use nvd3.js charts with RaphaelJS for internet explorer which does not support SVG

Or any links to use PhantomJS with NVD3. simmilar to HighChartJS

I am working on to use Phantom.js to conver nvd3 graphs, but wondering if anyone here has already invented this wheel..

this is my jsbin link for Piechart


Ok using Phantom rasterize.js i am able to convert my html page into png. Example

phantomjs rasterize.js http://ariya.github.com/svg/tiger.svg tiger.png

> What i am looking for is just to pass a specific SVG Id to this js > script. i.e if I have 2 SVG charts i want to pass them individually > and create 2 PNG files and render them on Screen

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