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We use Visual Source Safe. Is there a way to have the all-files-checked-out-to-me report display on the Start Page in Visual Studio? So that when I opened VS, I'd see a report of everything I have checked out from VSS, categorized by project.

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This is probably a more complicated approach than you're interested in, but since the start page can show RSS feeds, you could write a web app that would query VSS via the COM interface, list your checkouts, and publish that as a feed.

If you're not looking to roll your own, I did a quick search and came across VssRssSvc, an application that generates RSS feeds from a VSS database. It includes source, so you'd be pretty close to getting what you're after with a little bit of work.

If you decide to build it, let me know. :)

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Thanks - yeah, looks like he's done most of the work for me. Pretty much dead on what I'm looking for. – user164226 Nov 12 '09 at 17:01

Visual Studio 2010 allows customization of the start page, altough I don't know if this could solve your problem.

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Just looked that over, looks pretty awesome. You can point the start page to a WPF/XAML application. :O – Nathan Taylor Nov 12 '09 at 16:26

I don't think there is a way to customize the Start Page. You should be able to see all your checked-out (and modified) files in the Pending Changes window. Beyond that you'd probably have to customize VS with an Addin or Package.

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