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I'm new programmer in R and i'm writing my thesis for training a neural network. First i use rminer for datamining and after nnet for training. Now i don't know which function use for divide data-set in training set and validation set, therefore k-fold cross validation, and after use nnet for each of this. sorry for my english. Thanks in advance

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Here is a way to get help on a new topic / package in R when you don't know how to go about it:


This will give you an overview of all the functions and data sets defined in the language with a brief title of each. After you have identified the functions that you need, you can consult the documentation of the functions of interest like so:


In the documentation, also pay attention to the See Also section which typically lists functions that are useful in conjunction with the function being considered. Also, work the examples. You can also use


for a demonstration of the function's use and common idioms using it.

Lastly, if you are lucky, the package author may have written a vignette for the package. You can search for all vignettes in a package like this:


Hopefully, this will get you started with the rminer and nnet packages.

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