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I'm trying to write a parametrized unit test using NUnit and Rhino that can return true or false depending on a certain mocked method was called or not. AssertWasCalled() is not right because it makes the test fail right away. I only want a bool value.

[TestCase(1,2, Result=false)]
[TestCase(1,1, Result=true)]
public bool SomeTest(int a, int b)
    someObject.CheckValues(a, b); // logs something if values are different.

    return mockLogger.WasCalled(x => x.Log(null));

WasCalled ofc does't exist.

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Stub the Log method on mockLogger to set a bool when it's called, and return that:

bool logMethodWasCalled = false;
    .Stub(x => x.Log(Arg<string>.Is.Equal(null))
    .Do(new Action<string>(_ => logMethodWasCalled = true));

// Run test...

return logMethodWasCalled;
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It's better to use expectation:

mockLogger.Expect(x => x.Log(Arg<string>.Is.Anything));


If you want to check if parameter is null use:

mockLogger.Expect(x => x.Log(Arg<string>.Is.Null));

Another way is to use:

triggerManagerMock.AssertWasCalled(x => x.Log(Arg<string>.Is.Anything));

It that case you can use Stub method to model behavior and AssertWasCalled to check the call.

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