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The following gives me a list of the countries in alphabetical order.

How do I change it so that instead of returning the whole list it just returns the second country in this list? In terms of our cube this would just be the result for the Aland Islands.

        ORDER([Geolocation].[Geography].[Geography Country].MEMBERS,
             [Geolocation].[Geography].CurrentMember.name, BASC ) ON ROWS,            
        [Measures].[DefaultMemberName] ON COLUMNS
FROM    [MyCube]
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You can use the item function; if I remember well it is 0-based :

ORDER( [Geolocation].[Geography] ... )(1)
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...do you work for icCube ? I'll get back to more DMX questions soon as its good fun - probably more satisfying than SQL –  whytheq Aug 19 '13 at 10:44

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