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I've completed my web app and am using mongoose to serve the php pages. The whole app & mongoose is less then 2MB.

The php5ts.dll is almost 5MB so that really adds bloat. Also, my app is very minimal so I don't need many of the php features, ie. mysql & crypto.

I've used UPX to compress it down to 1.7MB, however thats the same I was getting before using 7zip so its not a big deal. I've read on winbider forums that some people recompiled it and made it even smaller. Would anyone know where I could find these minimal php5ts.dll?

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Sure you can recompile. Use './configure' keys (or how is it in windows, maybe, Makefile?) to add/remove functionality you need, consult the manual for the exact module directives for sets of functions.

You may Google for a pre-compiled library, but it's always better to recompile it so it meets your needs, shrinks in size and overall - fits better ;)

Also consider using packers like UPX:

php5ts.dll: 1290 kB (62% compression)
(found here: Compiling PHP with no extra weight via Googling for "UPX php5ts.dll" )

P.S. If you had read answers on ServerFault, you would have known this ;)

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You can compile your own version. The source is publicly available, and this way you can include exactly the features you want.

Read about compiling on windows here.

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I've never had good luck compliling anything from source, so I was trying to avoid that. – shaiss Nov 12 '09 at 16:32

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