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I am converting the V2 code to V3. In the below two functions, they are used the getBoundsZoomLevel function. Instead of that function how to use in google map v3. please help.

function fitSpecifiedMarkers(){ 
  var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();
  for (var i = markers.length-1; i>=0; i--) {
  var zoomLvl = this.map.getBoundsZoomLevel(bounds); // V2 function, not available in v3.
  if (zoomLvl > this.maximumZoom) {
      zoomLvl = this.maximumZoom;
   this.map.setCenter(bounds.getCenter(), zoomLvl);

 function clusterMarker() {
   var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();
   var listen = google.maps.event.addListener(marker, 'click', function() {
   // Center & zoom map to contain all map markers in cluster group when clicked
  self.map.setCenter(bounds.getCenter(), self.map.getBoundsZoomLevel(bounds));

Thanks in Advance, for this help.

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In your situation you can use Map.fitBounds(LatLngBounds) this "Sets the viewport to contain the given bounds."

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ok thanks. How to get the this.map.getBoundsZoomLevel(bounds); value to store in zoomlvl?? In the above code.. –  Kiran Kumar Jun 25 '13 at 4:59

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