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I want to execute my scrapy crawler from cron job .

i create bash file getdata.sh where scrapy project is located with it's spiders

cd /myfolder/crawlers/
scrapy crawl my_spider_name

My crontab looks like this , I want to execute it in every 5 minute

 */5 * * * * sh /myfolder/crawlers/getdata.sh 

but it don't works , whats wrong , where is my error ?

when I execute my bash file from terminal sh /myfolder/crawlers/getdata.sh it works fine

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I solved this problem including PATH into bash file


cd /myfolder/crawlers/
export PATH
scrapy crawl my_spider_name
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+1 Had the same problem and simply couldn't figure it out. You should mark your question as the accepted answer. :) – Xethron Sep 21 '13 at 9:47
I guess PATH should not always be set to /usr/local/bin, it depends on what environment and server you are on, right? So what should PATH be set to? The folder of.... ? – Marcus Lind Apr 13 '15 at 11:37

Adding the following lines in crontab -e runs my scrapy crawl at 5AM every day. This is a slightly modified version of crocs' answer

* 5 * * * cd project_folder/project_name/ && scrapy crawl spider_name

Without setting $PATH, cron would give me an error "command not found: scrapy". I guess this is because /usr/bin is where scripts to run programs are stored in Ubuntu.

Note that the complete path for my scrapy project is /home/user/project_folder/project_name. I ran the env command in cron and noticed that the working directory is /home/user. Hence I skipped /home/user in my crontab above

The cron log can be helpful while debugging

grep CRON /var/log/syslog
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Another option is to forget using a shell script and chain the two commands together directly in the cronjob. Just make sure the PATH variable is set before the first scrapy cronjob in the crontab list. Run:

    crontab -e 

to edit and have a look. I have several scrapy crawlers which run at various times. Some every 5 mins, others twice a day.

    */5 * * * * user cd /myfolder/crawlers/ && scrapy crawl my_spider_name_1
    * 1,13 * * * user cd /myfolder/crawlers/ && scrapy crawl my_spider_name_2

All jobs located after the PATH variable will find scrapy. Here the first one will run every 5 mins and the 2nd twice a day at 1am and 1pm. I found this easier to manage. If you have other binaries to run then you may need to add their locations to the path.

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does your shell script have execute permission?

e.g. can you do


without the sh?

if you can then you can drop the sh in the line in cron

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No it writes that permissions is denied – beka Jun 21 '13 at 12:26
you need to do chmod u+x /myfolder/crawlers/getdata.sh to give it execute permission. that is what the #!/bin/bash line does - which must be the first line in the file – KeepCalmAndCarryOn Jun 21 '13 at 12:29
i give it permissions and remove "sh" in crontab, but it still does not works :S – beka Jun 21 '13 at 12:36
you can add >/tmp/cron.log 2>&1 to the end of your command to see the errors. Possibly the script doesn't have access to scrappy if it is in a non standard place – KeepCalmAndCarryOn Jun 21 '13 at 12:41

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