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We have a special Jira setup so that 1 Epic in our master project = 1 Jira project full of stories/bugs/etc (Governance/compliance wanted this)

Each Issue type has a custom column called 'Ideal days'

For each Epic to get the total estimated days we have a custom function that Sums all 'Ideal days' of issues linked to that Epic that are in the backlog (we manually do this).

With Groovy Runner can I auto-link all issues in a project (in the backlog) to an Epic? Thanks

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If you want to link issues without cloning them, you should use IssueLinkManager.getLinkCollection().

The code should look something something like this:

IssueLinkManager issueLinkManager = ComponentManager.getInstance().getIssueLinkManager()

issueLinkManager.getLinkCollection(someIssue, yourUser).each() {
   it.getOutwardIssues("Some Link Name")
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There is a built-in script that clones an issue and links it. You should be able to link based on that code:

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