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I am quite newbie to yii. I am working on a project.

I have written a function to send automatic reminder to clients

say this function is at url :

I want to set the cron for this url.

one method is that I should write GET cron_job_url.

But I dont want to use the url for my cron.I only want to use physical path of the controller and action. Is this possible with yii ?

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No I don't believe it is unless you don't use any models or anything else from Yii because those files haven't been included if you just include the controller's php file. – Pitchinnate Jun 21 '13 at 13:05
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If you want to use a cron job, I'd suggest to write a yiic command instead of calling a URL. It's very simple and you don't have to deal with URL access permissions.

Create a new class that extends from CConsoleCommand and implement either a run() method or some actions as you would in a controller. You can find more information on console commands here. You have to save the command to the protected/commands directory and the class name must end in Command.

If your command is called DemoCommand then you can call it from a cron job as /path/to/your/webroot/protected/yiic demo.

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Hey I am using that but I am not getting that how can I call models and controller in this command folder – Rohitashv Singhal Jun 21 '13 at 13:13
You can do whatever you want in such a command and use any class or model you like - much the same as in a controller action. Just make sure, that you didn't miss to add any custom import paths you may have in your main.php. You'd have to add them to your console.php, too. – Michael Härtl Jun 21 '13 at 13:23

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