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I am trying to run a cron job in my application my set up is like this: My zend application Version 1.12

inside my public/index.php

function Mylib_init_settings($settings, $environment)
    if (getenv('LOCAL_ENV') && file_exists($serverConfigFile = __DIR__ . '/../application/configs/' . getenv('LOCAL_ENV') . '.ini')) {

define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV', 'production');
require __DIR__ . '/../library/Mylib/Application/start.php';

Inside Start.php

use Mylib\Config;
use Mylib\Config\Loader\SecondGeneration;
function mylib_trigger_hook($hook, $params = array())
    $func = 'mylib_init_' . strtolower(trim($hook));
    if (function_exists($func)) {
        call_user_func_array($func, $params);
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// setup application constants
if (getenv('SELENIUM')) {
        ?: define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV', 'testing');
// should the application be bootstrapped?
    ?: define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_BOOTSTRAP', true);
// should the application run?
    ?: define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_CREATE', true);
// should the application run?
    ?: define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_RUN', true);
// maximum execution time
// path to application rooth
    ?: define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_PATH_ROOT', realpath(__DIR__ . '/../../../'));
// path to library
    ?: define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_PATH_LIBRARY', realpath(__DIR__ . '/../../'));
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// limits the maximum execution time
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// determine which configuration section, and overrides to load
$configSection  = defined('MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV') ?MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV : null;
$configOverride = null;
$environmentFilename = MYLIB_APPLICATION_PATH_ROOT . '/environment';
if (file_exists($environmentFilename)) {
    $ini = parse_ini_file($environmentFilename);
    if ($ini === false) {
        throw new \RuntimeException('Failed to parse enviroment file: ' . $environmentFilename);
    if (!defined('MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV')) {
        // should have at least a config.section variable
        if (!isset($ini['config.section'])) {
            throw new \RuntimeException('\'config.section\' setting is missing in environment file');

        $configSection = $ini['config.section'];
    if (isset($ini['config.override'])) {
        $configOverrideFilename = MYLIB_APPLICATION_PATH_ROOT . '/application/configs/' . $ini['config.override'] . '.ini';
        if (!is_readable($configOverrideFilename)) {
            throw new \RuntimeException(
                sprintf('You have provided a config override file (%s), but it is not readable', $configOverrideFilename)
        } else {
            $configOverride = $configOverrideFilename;
    ?: define('MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV', $configSection);
static $allowedEnvironmnets = array(
if (!in_array(MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV, $allowedEnvironmnets)) {
    throw new \RuntimeException(
        sprintf('Invalid environment %s provided. Must be either of: %s', MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV, implode(', ', $allowedEnvironmnets))
macq_trigger_hook('environment', array(MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV));
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// set the include path
set_include_path(MYLIB_APPLICATION_PATH_LIBRARY . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path());
mylib_trigger_hook('includepath', array(get_include_path()));
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// enable PSR-0 autoloading
require_once MYLIB_APPLICATION_PATH_LIBRARY . '/Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php';
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// load configuration settings, and if an override is specified, merge it
$settings = new SecondGeneration(
    MYLIB_APPLICATION_PATH_LIBRARY . '/MyLib/Application/configuration.ini'
if ($configOverride) {
// set up config file caching, this is a seperate cache then any application caches created!
if (isset($ini['config.cache.enabled']) && $ini['config.cache.enabled']) {
    if (isset($ini['config.cache.dir']) && is_writable($ini['config.cache.dir'])) {
        $configCache = new Zend_Cache_Core(array('automatic_serialization'=>true));
        $backend = new Zend_Cache_Backend_File(array(
            'cache_dir' => $ini['config.cache.dir'],
        unset($configCache, $backend);
    } else {
        throw new \RuntimeException(
            sprintf('Configuration cache is enabled, but no correct cache dir is specified, or the specified directory is not writable')
// load configuration settings
mylib_trigger_hook('settings', array($settings, MYLIB_APPLICATION_ENV));
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// create application and bootstrap

    $application = new Zend_Application(Config::environment(), Config::config());

    macq_trigger_hook('application', array($application));


        macq_trigger_hook('bootstrap', array($application));
    // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // run application?
        macq_trigger_hook('run', array($application));


What I did is :

I followed the following link: http://www.magentozend.com/blog/2012/02/03/setting-up-cronjobs-for-zend-framework-envoirment/

what I did is create a "cron" folder at the level in which my application folders are present.

inside the folder created init.php file inside that I added my index.php code and start.php code.

and my controller file is as like this:


inside the cron job file I just called init.php by


but the cron is not working can some one help me..

thanks in advance..

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why don't you just call nzend action from cron? –  Robert Jun 21 '13 at 12:37
I am not sure how to do it.. I am new to zend.. –  TomPHP Jun 21 '13 at 12:40
it has nothing to do with zend just open is as normal PHP site. Show your crontab. –  Robert Jun 21 '13 at 12:57
If you echo something after the $application->bootstrap(); line, do you get output then? –  Tim Fountain Jun 21 '13 at 13:06
@TomPHP have you tested my solution? –  Robert Jun 21 '13 at 13:15

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I see you miss the point of using Cron and Zend as well. Zend site is just normal site so you can use for example lynx browser to run the site.

 */10 * * * * lynx -dump http://www.myzendsite.com/mycontroller/mycronaction

just create My Controller add mycron Action and put in this method what you want cron to do. Lynx will open it as normal user would do. Cron will run lynx after some time.

The line */10 means every 10 minutes. You can fit it to your needs.

There are other ways to run php script for example via php parser or curl.

Check this tutorial

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Let me try this..! –  TomPHP Jun 21 '13 at 13:01
You need to install lynx if you don't have. Depends on system that you use it can by 'links' instead of 'lynx'. –  Robert Jun 21 '13 at 13:02
Yes it is installed already.. –  TomPHP Jun 21 '13 at 13:04
2 ways. 1. provide password in curl, 2. provide password in get. You can check in your php script if request is made from localhost and if so the password may not be required. –  Robert Jun 21 '13 at 13:07
you can check IP as I said and if it's your server machine then authentication may not be required. By IP you know that it's your machine so it's basic aim of autenthication to know who is using a resource. –  Robert Jun 21 '13 at 13:33

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