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  • The gearmand is fully operational with libdrizzle as persistence-layer to a mysql-database
  • The drizzle connection crashes (e.g. the gearmand-database is locked for some minutes during nightly backups, or the mysql server crashes or network-problems to the database-server).


Does the gearmand work without the persistence in this moment (MySQL) and catch up later?

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/usr/local/sbin/gearmand -q mysql --mysql-user user1 --mysql-password pass1 --mysql-db gearmand

Scenario #1


  • Enable READ lock for gearman queue table


  • The script, which creates the background tasks, is on hold.
  • After removing the READ lock, the script continues and creates all 5000 jobs successfully.
  • Note: I just tested the lock for some seconds. The script might crash due to a timeout.

Scenario #2


  • Stop the entire mysql server instance (with the gearman queue)


  • Without the mysqld, the jobs cannot be created.
  • 3974 jobs out of 5000 have been created.
  • gearmand output:

    mysql_stmt_prepare failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket X

  • PHP script output:

    PHP Warning: GearmanClient::doBackground(): gearman_client_run_tasks:QUEUE_ERROR:QUEUE_ERROR

Unfortunately, with my test scenarios, the gearmand stops work if the mysql persistence layer is unavailable.

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