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I have my custom SBT plugin and I use it in my project. In case of any change of the plugin I make publish-local and then I build my project and sbt writes in console Resolving <my-plugin-name>;0.2-SNAPSHOT .... This resolution takes long time(about minute).

Why it takes so much time to resolve a custom sbt plugin from local repository and how to fix this ?


Please note, that I have slow network connection via proxy-server. So probably it's the issue. But in this case I wonder why sbt needs network if I have my plugin published-local. And if it's the issue how to eliminate network round trip ?

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It would be well worth while setting up a local repository proxy like Nexus. This would optimize your network traffic. –  Mark O'Connor Jun 21 '13 at 20:13

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If the dependency is a SNAPSHOT, then sbt will try to resolve it from the remote repository in case it has been updated.

See also Re-download a SNAPSHOT version of a dependency using SBT

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