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This is my code:

this.Invoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate {
    label13.Text = e.failedUrls + doneWebPages.ToString();

The result is: 01,02,03,04.....09,111

When e.failedUrls is for example 1 now and doneWebPages is 22 so instead showing me in label13 the sum 23 i see 122.

What is wrong ?

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Well they are both strings. What do you think happens when you add two strings together? –  Arran Jun 21 '13 at 14:00

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You're adding an int to a string1. The rules of the language will cause the compiler to emit instructions to convert2 the int to a string, and thus you are seeing string concatenation. Thus

if e.failedUrls is 1, as you say, and doneWebPages is 22, also as you say, then

e.failedUrls + doneWebPages.ToString()

will result in

1.ToString() + "22"

which will result in

"1" + "22"

which is "122", as you're seeing. If you want integer arithmetic, what you want is:

label13.Text = (e.failedUrls + doneWebPages).ToString();

That is, first add the numbers, and then call ToString on the result.

1: I'm assuming that e.failedUrls is an int because you seem to think it's an int. Obviously, doneWebPages.ToString() is a string, but I'm assuming that doneWebPages is an int since you also seem to think it's an int.

2: There is an operator + defined on String with parameters +(object x, string y). The semantics of + are

x + y -> x != null ? (x.ToString() ?? "") + y : "" + y;
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Because you're adding a number and a string.

  • e.failedUrls seems to be a number, judging from your description.
  • doneWebPages.ToString() is a string.

So, 5 + "13" equals "513".

To fix this, remove the .ToString() call from the second operand. Then you'll have something like 5 + 13, which equals 18.

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You're concatenating strings. Convert to Int32 first using Int32.Parse(), or Int32.TryParse()

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You are adding two strings together. You need to use int.Parse to cast them to ints.

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Quite some information is missing from your question to be sure, but let's assume the straightforward:

Let's say failedUrls and doneWebPages are integers. Then the expression

label13.Text = e.failedUrls + doneWebPages.ToString();

is evaluated from inside out.

That is, the following sub-expressions get evaluated:

  • e.failedUrls -> a number
  • doneWebPages -> a number
  • doneWebPages.ToString() -> a string, representing the aforementioned number
  • e.failedUrls + doneWebPages.ToString() -> concatenates a number and a string
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While I'm not that familiar with C#, it seems that since, when invoking "+" method, you are converting doneWebPages to a string via the ToString() method, you are using the "+" method in the context of string concatenation as opposed to addition. Try converting e.failedUrls and doneWebPages to integers before assigining a value to label13.

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You are adding two strings not two integer

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The + operator is overloaded for strings, it causes string concatenation.

You used e.failedUrls + doneWebPages.ToString(). Since the second parameter is a string, .NET took a string representation of the first and concatenated the strings.

So "1" + "22" = "122".

If you want addition, make sure both the operands are int / numbers. Try converting doneWebPages to a integer representation.

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The reason is you are adding two string values , You must add two integer values instead

label13.Text = int.Parse(e.failedUrls.ToString() + int.Parse( doneWebPages.ToString()) 

this way will solve your problem

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