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In Ruby on Rails, for conditions, it's easy to make SQL-injection-proof queries:

:conditions => ["title = ?", title]

where title comes from the outside, from a web form or something like that.

But what if you are using SQL fragments in other parts of the query, like:

:select => "\"#{title}\" AS title"   # I do have something like this in one instance
:joins => ["LEFT JOIN blah AS blah2 ON blah2.title = \"#{title}\""]

Is there a way to properly escape those strings?

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Typically in Rails, joins are done as a symbol (or as a hash for second-order joins) representing an id join, and you use the conditions to filter it down. If you need to do it as shown, then you can use ActiveRecord's sanitize_sql_array to clean a SQL string, like this:

sanitize_sql_array(["LEFT JOIN blah AS blah2 ON blah2.title = ?", @blah.title])
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