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I have a project I checked out with svn at work. It has the following associated with it in Package Explorer view of Eclipse:


Now I have a file in the project jar directory that I have put a breakpoint in. What is weird is that when debugger is launched, it always goes to the project[trunk]. This is really bad because I need to debug changes I make, not the trunk I checked out, but in project-jar.

The only other details is that I used maven to build dependencies when I imported this project. But, to make sure I did that right, I deleted everything and checked out this project again. Still same problem. I goggled quite a bit and asked others at work what could be going wrong, but haven't found a fix yet.

I use Eclipse Juno, 4.2.2

Thanks, GeekyOmega

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The problem is the build path was wrong, for me. It was looking at the entire workplace and choosing the trunk. When I re-installed eclipse, when I first ran debug, it asked me for the build path. I pointed the build path to the project folder project-jar instead. This fixed the issue for me.

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