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I`d like to create my own annotations to annotate some local variable. To write the annotation is not the problem, the problem is to get the information of them at the Runtime. I could only get some information from annotated methods or method parameters, but not from local variables. Is there any way to get it?

My own annotation is something like that:

public void m(int a)  
@MyOwnAnnotation(some information)  
int b = 5;  

Or, as an alternative, is there any way to get the code of the method, to parse it further and finally get annotation value?

Thanks in advance.

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your link in another comment gives you the answer: it's not supported by the class file format. I can give an answer with links to the JVM spec and explanation if you'd like, but I think that other question pretty much covers it. I am surprised that apt doesn't give you what you need. – parsifal Jun 21 '13 at 14:55
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With reflection you can't retrieve a local variable. So you can't retrieve an annotation on a local variable via reflection. I think that this kind of annotation is only used for compiler warnings.

You can look "Local variable annotations are not retained in class files (or at runtime) regardless of the retention policy set on the annotation type. See JLS"

If you wan't to retrieve method code, you can use JavaParser (

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As of Java 8, local variable annotations are retained in class files. As noted by Erick Hagstrom, this long-standing bug was fixed by JSR 308, which also added type annotations to the Java language.

However, Java's reflection API has not been updated to give access within method bodies. You will need to parse the classfile yourself. You can use a tool such as ASM. I don't recommend JavaParser, because it has not been updated beyond Java 1.5.

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JLS does indeed state that local variable annotations are not retained. However, JSR 308 is working its way through the community process. It should give you the capability you need.

If you want an interim solution, here is an implementation of JSR 308.

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