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I have a single instance, single threaded WCF service (a requirement). I need to perform one function e.g ClearUnmanagedState() before every operation contract executes. I have implemented IDispatchMessageInspector and AfterReceiveRequest for this but have found this executes on message receive, not when the operation is about to be executed.

Therefore, my InstanceContextMode.Single is not being respected in respect to this ClearUnmanagedState() requirement.

Is there any WCF service behavior that I can implement to allow a single context, single threaded execution before operation contract execution?

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You want an IOperationInvoker.

One of the best example implementations is Carlos Figueira's blog: WCF Extensibility – IOperationInvoker

The operation invoker is the last element in the WCF runtime which is invoked before the user code (service implementation) is reached – it’s the invoker responsibility to actually call the service operation on behalf of the runtime.

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