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I am trying to test the jQuery Address Plugin and it seems to not allow ajax to work in the change function.

I am using:

$.address.change(function(event) {
    $('#content').load(event.value+' #content');
$('a').click(function() {

While I can use event.value for other things, it just does not seem to let the .load() function work. Even trying a static URL in .load() does nothing. Is something in the plugin preventing this? I thought this was the point of the plugin!

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I guess you have to use $.address.value() instead of event.value – jantimon Nov 12 '09 at 17:26
That is not helping. The ajax functions are still not working. – Nic Hubbard Nov 12 '09 at 19:09
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Try using event.pathNames instead, I think you cant get this to work because you are not replacing the "/" from the value. Using event.pathNames you dont have to do that....

$('#content').load(event.pathNames+'.htm #content');
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