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This is a strange question for stackoverflow but I can't seem to find any documentation on batmanjs.org about setting up associations. I found the simple @belongsTo and @hasMany methods but I can't seem to find out how to implement the more complex associations I use in my rails models, such as has_many, :through and polymorphic associations.

I am looking for an example/explanation of how to implement the more complex rails associations in batman.js.


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Polymorphic Has Many

class Product extends Batman.Model
  @belongsTo 'productable', {polymorphic: true}

class Book extends Product
class DVD extends Product

class Store extends Batman.Model
  @hasMany 'products', {as: 'productable'}

Has and Belongs to Many

Batman supports many to many relationships by adding a @hasMany on both Models. For example:

In your model:

class MyApp.Post extends Batman.Model
  @hasMany 'tags', {inverseOf: 'post'}

class MyApp.Tag extends Batman.Model
  @hasMany 'posts', {inverseOf: 'tag', saveInline: true}

In your controller:

# create new Tag (remember to populate it with yummy good stuff!)
@set 'tag', new MyApp.Tag()
# set reference
@tag.set('post_id', @post.get 'id')
# save
@tag.save (error, record) =>
  if error
    throw error unless error instanceof Batman.ErrorsSet
    MyApp.flashSuccess "Tag added."
    @set 'tag', new MyApp.Tag()

In this example Tags are edited via the Post form. The saveInline: true is required to save Tags on this form.

Has Many Through

Please see this group discussion: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/batmanjs/Bon45FFp0ek

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Beefed up the Model Association docs. It includes polymorphic options, but no official support for hasMany :through yet!

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