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I have a QDialog based class that contains QLineEdit and some buttons. It is invoked with context menu event from QGraphicsScene I would like it to behave as follows:

  1. Autofocus on QLineEdit when invoked ( ui->lineEdit->setFocus() is present in constructor)
  2. No taskbar icon and no frame (as for Qt::Popup flag)
  3. Modality over main window as for parent=0

Using parent = 0 fulfils 1 and provides modality but also frame and taskbar icon.

Qt::Popup alone removes both frame and taskbar icon but also destroys focusing on lineEdit and modality.

I will be grateful for any suggestions as I've lot of time over it trying to find right combination of different WindowFlags etc. Main problem seems to be that when any WindowFlag is applied or parent widget is defined the focusing on lineEdit is completely lost.

void GraphicsScene::resolveContextMenuAction_(QAction *action)
    if(action == this->contextMenuEventOpenDialog_)
        TestDialog* DWD = new TestDialog(0);


        int result = DWD->exec();



TestDialog::TestDialog(QWidget *parent) : QDialog(parent), ui(new Ui::TestDialog)

Also the focus tab order was adjusted so that lineEdit is first one. In the worst case I would accept no modality as with Qt::Popup if only the other features mentioned are there.

In case it is OS dependant - I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.

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How about try setWindowFlags(Qt::Tool). do not call exec() which is not a good way , call setModal(true) then show() instead which will show a modal dialog , and call activateWindow to setfocus to a tool window.the lineeidt will auto be focused . if your don't want a window's frame and border, rty Qt::FramelessWindowHint flag. Call setFocus in constructor does no use.

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