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I have a URL like http://abc.com/users/index/University of Kansas and i want to make it University-of-Kansas. How is it possible via mysql using Cakephp ???

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Use can use the Cake built in Inflector::slug($data, '-');

Source: http://api.cakephp.org/class/inflector#method-Inflectorslug

So you would get the string "University of Kansas" from the $this->params['url']:

$data = $this->params['url'][....]:
$slug = Inflector::slug($data, '-');
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I'm not sure how your data is being populated, but you probably want to store a tag, or slug field along with the full title. So your database would have both "University of Kansas" and also "University-of-Kansas" in a separate field. When you save an entry, you can auto-generate the latter field w/ a regex such as:

$slug = preg_replace("/[^-_0-9A-Za-z]/", "-", $title);

Depending on how your CakePHP is set up, you'd probably want to create a route that passed this slug value into the controller, so you could then look up the right entry in the database using that field.

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It is much more useful to tell the person how to use Cake's built in tools for something like this. Inflector::slug is the correct solution here. –  Abba Bryant Nov 13 '09 at 18:28
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This is a behavior that allows your model to create slugs when records get saved or edited.

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