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Do you know how to get the index column of an dataframe as an array? I have a list of accession numbers in the "Accession" column of a CSV file, which I imported into Pandas, and during the import, I set the index to the "Accession" column. Now, I need the "Accession" column to be a set of labels in a later step, but I don't know how to extract it standalone.

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You should use the values attribute:

In [1]: df = pd.DataFrame(index=['a', 'b'])

In [2]: df.index.values
Out[2]: array(['a', 'b'], dtype=object)

This accesses how the data is already stored, so there's no need for a conversion.
Note: This attribute is also available for many other pandas' objects.

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Thanks a lot, @Andy Hayden! –  ericmjl Jun 25 '13 at 20:19

You can use df.index to access the index object and then get the values in a list using df.index.tolist().

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in pandas 0.15 you can also use:

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