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Is it possible to load a blank page and execute some javascript on the page? If so, how? Examples would be appreciated.

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PhantomJS needs a DOM and that won't be present on an empty file. You need to create at least this structure for your page to execute JavaScript on the page:

        <!-- JavaScript goes here !-->
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I was actually looking for something like this:

 var page = require('webpage').create();'about:blank', function(status) {
    page.evaluate(function() {
       //My script here.         
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This should work since it loads a blank page with the basic HTML structure. – Cameron Tinker Sep 3 '13 at 14:16

Try page.setContent

var webPage = require('webpage');
var page = webPage.create();
var expectedContent = '<html><body><div>' + yourScript + '</div></body></html>';
var expectedLocation = '';
page.setContent(expectedContent, expectedLocation, function(status) {
   if(status === success) {
   } else {
       //do something
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