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What are the benefits of using the grails insert flag when saving a domain class?

Here is an example: Lets say I have a Domain Object FooBar:

FooBar foo = FooBar.find("foo")?: new FooBar(id:"foo")

foo.bar = "bar"


Would it be better do do something more like this:

boolean insertFlag
FooBar foo = FooBar.find("foo")

if(foo == null){
   insertFlag = false
}else {
   foo = new FooBar(id:"foo")
   insertFlag = true

foo.bar = "bar"

foo.save(insert: insertFlag)

I was thinking that the save would run smoother somehow with the insert flag verses not having it.

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insert inside save is highly useful if you have the id generator for a domain class as assigned. In that case the id has to be assigned by the user.

This is a way to inform hibernate that whether you want to insert a record or just want to update.

class FoofBar{
    String bar
    static mapping = {
        id generator: 'assigned'

def fooBar = new FooBar(bar: 'foo')
fooBar.id = 100
fooBar.save() //inserts a record with id = 100

def secondFooBar = FooBar.get(100)
secondFooBar.id = 200
//want to insert as a new row instead of updating the old one.
//This forces hibernate to use the new assigned id
fooBar.save(insert: true) 

This will make it clear.

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