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So, I was working from the FB developer blog post which quotes the following to upload a video using the Graph API and a form-POST method:

 // Using the page access token from above, create the POST action
  // that our form will use to upload the video.
  $post_url = "https://graph-video.facebook.com/" . $page_id . "/videos?"
      . "title=" . $video_title. "&description=" . $video_desc
      . "&access_token=". $access_token;

  // Create a simple form
  echo '<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action=" '.$post_url.' "
  echo 'Please choose a file:';
  echo '<input name="file" type="file">';
  echo '<input type="submit" value="Upload" />';
  echo '</form>';

How would I adapt the code if I had the file on the server locally (same directory) and want to post that on page load.

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